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Finding Academic Job Postings

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The odd thing about the academic job market is that there is not a uniform and singular way to search and find positions. Sometimes jobs only post on certain search engines. Sometimes, a job won’t even post to a search engine but will only be available on the individual school’s website. Below are search engines, databases, and webpages that are good for searching for academic jobs. Several, including NCA, Indeed, Chronicle, and Inside Higher Ed, allow you to create a job alert that will send you an email with a digest. However, do not just rely on this. The best approach is to follow the relevant job wikis, create email digests, check job searches regularly, and go directly to the job sites of any universities you are specifically interested in to search opportunities.

Visit this chronicle article to learn how to read a job advertisement.

Website Resources

Job Wikis

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