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Writing & Publishing Resources

Writing and publishing in the field of rhetoric and cultural studies can feel overwhelming. We have developed or aggregated the following resources to help you write essays and books, as well as seek publication. We hope this is helpful in your scholarly journey!

If you have resources to add, please our site administrator through the contact form.

General Publishing Resources

Check out this Inside Higher Ed article on how to write to get published.

NCA Publishing Resource Center offers resources for publishing in the field of communication studies.


Check out our aggregated list of journals to access information on journals in the rhetoric, communication, and cultural studies tradition. You can submit journals to add to the list by filling out our Google Form.

NCA also has a list of publications that do communication research available here.

Journey of a publication

The publication process can be incredibly intimidating. To demystify the process a bit, check out some examples of the journey of publications which were eventually published in top journals in our field. You will see the original draft, original submission drafts, reviewer comments, author responses, and revisions at each stage.

Citational Activism

The field of rhetorical studies (in both the English and Communication traditions) has long centered Whiteness. Caucuses and Divisions at NCA have gathered bibliographies that can help you cite and engage the pivotal work that is happening across the discipline, particularly by and about marginalized experience.

Dissertation Writing

Check out examples of finished prospectus and dissertations in rhetoric and cultural studies.

  • Sample prospectus

  • Sample Dissertations

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